NECK  (Forthcoming)

“First Pillar”


Arc Poetry Magazine  (Winter 2018)



The Spectacle Magazine  (Fall 2018)

“Altar Call”


Counterclock Journal  (Fall 2018)

“What Will Not Keep Us”
“In Memory of Misremembering”
“Year of the Cardinal’s Song (VII)”


Night Music Journal  (Fall 2018)

“Other Words for CRY, AFTER, BAD, ALWAYS, GOOD-BY, and DARK”
“Currents of the Afterworld”


The Ellis Review  (Summer 2018)

“Song of the Dark Times”


Seneca Review  (Spring 2018)

“In the Fifth Month”


Drunk in a Midnight Choir  (Fall 2017)

“Year of the Cardinal’s Song (IV)”
“Language As House”


POETRY  (Summer 2017)

“On Visiting the Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Gardens”


Academy of American Poets  (Winter 2016-17)

“In Mother’s Garden”


Oxidant | Engine  (Winter 2016-17)

“Ready the Frontier”


Bennington Review  (Fall 2016)

“Year of the Cardinal’s Song (III)”


Glass Poetry Press  (Spring 2016)

“After We Hid Your Body I Climbed into Rain”


Four Way Review  (Issue 9, Spring 2016)

“Morning Ablution”


Waxwing  (Issue 8, Spring 2016)

“O Bed-God of Sickness”

“Observe Me Full”


The Wide Shore  (Issue 3, Winter 2015-16)

“In Late March Chengdu Blooms”


Alice Blue Review  (Issue 27, Fall 2015)

“Year of the Cardinal’s Song (I)”


Twelfth House  (Issue 1, Winter 2014-15)

“Birth to the Low Creature”

“Fasting in November” 


inter|rupture  (Issue 12, Fall 2014)



New Nowhere  (Debut Issue, Fall 2014)

“Burning West”

“South Hills”


MiPOesias  (Summer 2014)

“In the winter”

“an overlord rises from the harbor”

“more formally”

“TO NAVIGATE your applause”


Birdfeast  (Issue 10, Spring 2014)



Indefinite Space  (Vol. XXII, 2014)

“A.M. Dimensions”

“The Everyday Elements of Tragedy”


The Poet’s Billow  (runner-up, The Pangaea Prize, 2013)

 “Pork Rinds, Watered Rice”


Alice Blue Review  (Issue 20, Spring 2013)





Lantern Review: A Journal of Asian American Poetry  (Issue 5, Winter 2013)

“Bad Blood”


Kartika Review  (Issue 14, Fall 2012)

“Pavor Nocturnus”


The New York Times  (Winter 2011)

“Dear Father”


How Do I Begin?: A Hmong American Literary Anthology  (Heyday Books, 2011)

“Journey of a Shaman”

“Dear Father”

“A Pond with No Fish”