Dear Human at the Edge of Time: Poems on Climate Change in the United States

— (Paloma Press, 2023)

“Aubade” (reprint)

The Texas Review — (Issue 42 & 43, All-Poetry Double Issue, 2022/2023)

“Peonies Gone to Rapture”
“Millersburg, Ohio”
“Inferno Suspended”

Montreal International Poetry Prize — (Finalist, Fall 2022)


The Journal — (Summer 2022)

“Among the Goldenrods”

POETRY — (Spring 2022)

“Columbarium for Past Autumns”

Plume Poetry 9 — (Summer 2021)

“Spring Thaw”

Embodied: An Intersectional Feminist Comics Poetry Anthology 

— (A Wave Blue World, 2021)

“Tapestry” (reprint)

Magma Poetry — (Issue 79, Spring 2021)

“On Memory of Another Body in Another Time”

POETRY — (Winter 2021)

“In Which I Search for My Brother’s Missing Body in Ohio”
“The Pardoning Hour”

Academy of American Poets — (Fall 2020)

“The Seven Prisms of My Blood” (Audio Clip)

Lantern Review — (Issue 8.1, 10th Anniversary, Summer 2020)

“Ode to Phantoms”

Gulf Coast— (Summer 2020)

“Asta So”

pulpmouth — (Spring 2020)

“On Bearing”
“On Praising the Liver”

New Poetry from the Midwest 2019 — (New American Press, 2019)

“On Visiting the Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Gardens” (reprint)

The Adroit Journal — (Fall 2019)

“In the Fourth Corner of the Earth” (Audio Clip)

The Margins — (Summer 2019)

“Trials in the Winter”

POETRY — (Summer 2019)

“On Teaching My Son How to Mourn”

Robinson Jeffers Tor House Prize for Poetry — (Honorable Mention, Spring 2019)


NECK — (Spring 2019)

“First Pillar”

Arc Poetry Magazine — (Winter 2018)


The Spectacle Magazine — (Fall 2018)

“Altar Call”

Counterclock Journal — (Fall 2018)

“What Will Not Keep Us”
“In Memory of Misremembering”
“Year of the Cardinal’s Song (VII)” (2019 Best of the Net)

Night Music Journal — (Fall 2018)

“Other Words for CRY, AFTER, BAD, ALWAYS, GOOD-BY, and DARK”
“Currents of the Afterworld”

The Ellis Review — (Summer 2018)

“Song of the Dark Times”

Seneca Review — (Spring 2018)

“In the Fifth Month”

Drunk in a Midnight Choir — (Fall 2017)

“Year of the Cardinal’s Song (IV)”
“Language As House”

POETRY — (Summer 2017)

“On Visiting the Franklin Park Conservatory & Botanical Gardens”

Academy of American Poets — (Winter 2016-17)

“In Mother’s Garden” (Audio Clip)

Oxidant | Engine — (Winter 2016-17)

“Ready the Frontier”

Bennington Review — (Fall 2016)

“Year of the Cardinal’s Song (III)”

Glass Poetry Press — (Spring 2016)

“After We Hid Your Body I Climbed into Rain”

Four Way Review — (Issue 9, Spring 2016)

“Morning Ablution”

Waxwing — (Issue 8, Spring 2016)

“O Bed-God of Sickness”

“Observe Me Full”

The Wide Shore — (Issue 3, Winter 2015-16)

“In Late March Chengdu Blooms”

Alice Blue Review — (Issue 27, Fall 2015)

“Year of the Cardinal’s Song (I)”

Twelfth House — (Issue 1, Winter 2014-15)

“Birth to the Low Creature”

“Fasting in November” 

inter|rupture — (Issue 12, Fall 2014)


New Nowhere — (Debut Issue, Fall 2014)

“Burning West”

“South Hills”

MiPOesias — (Summer 2014)

“In the winter”

“an overlord rises from the harbor”

“more formally”

“TO NAVIGATE your applause”

Birdfeast — (Issue 10, Spring 2014)


Indefinite Space — (Vol. XXII, 2014)

“A.M. Dimensions”

“The Everyday Elements of Tragedy”

The Poet’s Billow — (runner-up, The Pangaea Prize, 2013)

 “Pork Rinds, Watered Rice”

Alice Blue Review — (Issue 20, Spring 2013)




Lantern Review — (Issue 5, Winter 2013)

“Bad Blood”

Kartika Review — (Issue 14, Fall 2012)

“Pavor Nocturnus”

The New York Times — (Winter 2011)

“Dear Father”

How Do I Begin?: A Hmong American Literary Anthology — (Heyday Books, 2011)

“Journey of a Shaman”

“Dear Father”

“A Pond with No Fish”